Submitting a Pension Application
Please Read Before Continuing...

Choose Below for U.S. or Canadian application!

Once you click on 'Continue' below, you will be presented with the online Pension Application Form.  Please take your time and fill in this form completely and accurately then review your input.  Note: Dependant on your input, the form may adjust so you only need to complete required sections of the form.

Once you submit and confirm your application, the following will happen:

  1. An electronic copy of your application will be routed to the IUPAT Pension Fund office to begin initial processing.
  2. A confirmation email/SMS message will be sent to you to confirm receipt of your application.
  3. A .pdf (Adobe PDF format) application form will be generated with your input, a cover and instruction sheet with a checklist of documents you will need to attach to your application and instructions on mailing the completed application package to IUPAT for final processing.
  4. A copy will be saved to your computer's default download folder and you will be able to print your application form.

IMPORTANT: You must print and sign your application, attach any required documents and mail this entire package to the IUPAT Pension office immediately as per the printed instruction sheet before we can approve and begin pension payments.